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β€œA primary goal of marketing is is to understand your audience so well that your product or service sells itself.”

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Matthew Laurin

Matthew Laurin

Web Marketing Professional

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Shawn Manaher

β€œIt has been my pleasure to work with Matt on many projects including forum, blog and eBook marketing. Matt has the incredible ability to not only write very well, but boils down SEO, Paid and Analytics content in a way that is easy to understand and grasp.” Shawn Manaher, President at The Content Authority

Chris Hippler

"Matt Laurin is a real pro. His expertise in Social Media and online marketing makes him a valuable team member for Capital Letters. He has a passion for digital marketing and analysis and has a nice way of assuring clients of the efficacy of the programs we implement. He supports those programs with data to verify results, and provides course corrections when needed."Chris Hippler, Founder at Capital Letters Marketing

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Matthew Laurin

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